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Jobs, Opportunity & Prosperity


As Arizonans endure one of the deepest and longest recessions in our nation’s history, the Republican Party’s top priority is getting America back to work. The light at the end of this dark financial tunnel is that our highly-trained, skilled workforce is our greatest asset and is ready and able to bring prosperity back to our economy. But our workforce needs political leadership that will:

• Reign in government spending • Simplify the tax system • Promote American products abroad • Invest in our nation’s infrastructure • Continue to train and educate our population

Rebuilding our country’s economy and creating jobs has never been more important, and voters are now looking to the Republican Party to make sure that happens with sound economic policies.


America is the land of opportunity. People thrive when they are allow to work hard, keep more of their hard-earned income, and make investments that will grow in the future. Opportunity depends on a level playing field, where a business is allow to compete fairly and the natural forces of capitalism are harnessed to benefit all. A business environment that is free from burdensome and unnecessary regulation will always generate public benefits, especially when it’s in a business climate unfettered by high taxes and inflation.


The ongoing depressed economy of recent years has checked the financial security and prosperity of all of us. With unemployment at 8% and runaway government spending despite our massive federal debt, we are falling far short on delivery on the promise of the American dream for so many Americans. What started as housing crisis turned into a severe credit tightening, followed by declining investment and then staggering unemployment -- and now prosperity has become much harder to come by. Republicans believe prosperity does not come from artificial, government-created jobs paid for with borrowed money because they provide only temporary relief. Lasting prosperity can only come from unleashing the human spirit and work ethic operating in a free and open market.