Our History | Arizona Republican Party


Republicans come from all walks of life. We have a terrific history that demonstrates diversity and the pioneering of civil rights in our country. African Americans, business leaders, women, veteran’s, Hispanics, Asians, among other communities – fill the halls of leadership from state to state, chamber to chamber. The diversity of our party must be recognized as the party of the people. For nearly 200 years, the Republican Party has been the leader in movements endorsing free speech, abolishing slavery, supporting issues such as women’s rights, free enterprise, lowering taxes and creating sustainable energies and economies.

Our party has led the nation through tremulous times with sound economic policies and support of our nation’s military. We maintain the largest single economy in the world and our party embraces and uncompromising commitment to protect the citizens of this nation.

Some of our nation’s greatest American’s were Republicans – Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and Dr. Condoleezza Rice, to name a few. Our very own state boasts a slew of Republican leaders such as Barry Goldwater, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, among others – all fighting to protect Republican ideals. With a history rich in supporting a stronger, brighter nation, it’s easy to see why we’re proud to be Republicans.
  • 1850'sOpposed to Slavery

    We began as a group of people who opposed slavery prior to the Civil War in the early 1850’s. The first Republicans believed Americans, all Americans, deserved to be free of government suppression of any kind. Therefore, the “free soil, free labor, free speech, free men” slogan was born. That philosophy continues to serve as our platform today.
  • 1860The Father of the GOP

    We cemented our influence in national politics with the election of America’s first Republican, Abraham Lincoln.
  • 1870-1900Passing 15th Amendment

    The Republicans in Congress proposed and passed the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing voting rights regardless of race. This undoubtedly paved the way for the women’s suffrage movement. In 1896, we were the first major party to support women’s right to vote.
  • Early 1900'sDefending Free Market Ideals

    Under the leadership of Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, free market ideals were encouraged and protected under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, breaking up large business monopolies.
  • 1952Interstate High Way

    World War II hero, Dwight D. Eisenhower, was elected president, bringing with him renewed faith in rebuilding a nation bogged down with economic strife following the war. Under his leadership, Eisenhower established the Interstate Highway System and encouraged America’s space exploration program.
  • 1970'sReducing Role of Government

    Republicans have undoubtedly played a vital role in reigning in outrageous government spending. The Ford Administration cut America’s double-digit inflation rate in half while cutting taxes and reducing federal government.
  • 1980'sThe Age of Reagan

    Thanks, in large part, to President Ronald Regan’s economic policies, our country enjoyed the longest economic expansion in our country’s history. This resulted in the creation of more than 20.7 million new jobs.
  • 1990'sContract with America

    With a “back to basics” grassroots approach, breathing new life into our party, the “Contract with America” was born. This bold agenda emphasized the ideals we believe in such as individual freedom, personal responsibility and reducing government. Americans responded enthusiastically by voting for a new Republican majority in both the House and Senate – the first in 40 years. The new Congress then slashed wasteful spending on committees, commissioned the first independent audit of Congress, imposed term limits and planned a balanced budget that would reduce the deficit to zero in seven years without raising a cent in taxes.
  • 2000'sThe Age of Reagan

    Throughout history, our party has paved the way for civil rights and liberties, balanced troubled economies, promoted our military and national defense and guided us through uncertain times.
But our work is not finished.
Now, more than ever before, America needs our leadership, our passion and our principals to guide her back onto the road to recovery. The American Dream is within our grasp and together we will make those dreams a reality.