Empowering Republicans

Empowering Republicans

Empowering Republicans


As you read this, I am on my way to Washington, DC having accepted an invitation from the White House to continue our planning for 2018. I was honored to be invited by the President and his team to talk about how we can continue to work together to strengthen our party and win elections.

While I’m in Washington, I’ll also spend some time meeting with the Republican National Committee; we are working closely with the RNC and I’m proud of the investments that they have already made in our state. We’ve worked with them to greatly enhance data access, training, and transparency. PCs are being empowered like never before, and I’m excited to have such a great relationship with Chairman McDaniel and her terrific staff.

The White House, the RNC and the AZ GOP are working seamlessly to empower Republicans, strengthen our party, and win elections.

As always, there are those, even some within our Republican ranks, who wish to tear down our President and to demonize some in our party. As I’ve done throughout my chairmanship, I will urge everyone to maintain a civil and respectful discourse, and focus our efforts on defeating Democrats and furthering our President’s agenda…we owe it to the President, to our elected officials, to our fellow PCs, and to our country.

It is an exciting time to be a Republican, and especially exciting to be an Arizona Republican! Together, we are taking the party to new heights, through our training programs, coalition building and communication. Every PC should take some pride in the work that we’ve accomplished this year. We are a party on the rise. In fact, earlier his year at the RNC Spring Meeting, Chairman McDaniel specifically asked me to stand up and be recognized, as a tribute to the leadership that the party is providing to win elections and #TurnAll15Red!

Chairman McDaniel’s support means so much to me; and needless to say, the confidence that President Trump and the White House have shown us is truly humbling. And none of it happens without my fellow PCs.

I’ll have more news from Washington when I return home, and in the meantime, thank you for your service to the GOP.

Have a great week and God Bless America!

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