AZ GOP Calls On The Arizona Democratic Party To Stop Condoning Unlawful Behavior

AZ GOP Calls On The Arizona Democratic Party To Stop Condoning Unlawful Behavior

Phoenix — The Arizona Democratic Party continues to condone and encourage unlawful behavior at Senator Jeff Flake’s office after protesters are arrested and threaten violence.

This all follows the Senator being a target of a shooting during a Congressional Baseball Game practice in Washington, D.C. last month.

Yesterday in a Facebook post the Arizona Democratic Party said: “5 healthcare activists were arrested yesterday. 5 more concerned Arizonans arrested today. Apparently Senator Jeff Flake doesn’t like constituent visits, so he calls the cops on them.”

Here are the facts:

  • Senator Flake spoke with protesters over the phone regarding the healthcare bill around 5 pm on Wednesday. The protesters at his Phoenix office were arrested only after they refused to leave the Senator’s office nearly two hours later.


  • Building managers had protesters arrested yesterday for refusing to leave the property.


  • A protester at Senator Flake’s Tucson office was arrested yesterday after stating: “They (liberals) are going to get better aim.  That last guy tried, but he needed better aim.  We will get better aim.”


  • Another protester was arrested yesterday at Senator Flake’s Tucson office after trying to forcibly enter.

“It is astounding that the Arizona Democratic Party continued to encourage this even after protesters were arrested Wednesday evening,” said Torunn Sinclair, Arizona Republican Party communications director. “Even more arrests occurred yesterday and Senator Flake and his staff received a death threat in their Tucson office. Democrats say Senator Flake isn’t listening to them, but that’s just flat out wrong. He spoke with protesters for more than a half hour by phone Wednesday.

“Just a few months ago the Senator held a townhall with more than 1,800 people. He took questions for more than three hours. This is the same townhall where the Democratic National Committee encouraged people to show up and ‘get in his (Senator Flake’s) grill.’ Encouraging this type of behavior seems to be a theme for Democrats. I’m calling on the Arizona Democratic Party to condemn it. This goes beyond peaceful protesting.”