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“Ann Patrick” Had A Very Bad Week

“Ann Patrick” Had A Very Bad Week

Obamacare Premiums Skyrocket, Cash Flow Problems, and an Unintended Slight by the First Lady

PHOENIX – Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham today offered Representative Ann Kirkpatrick a note of encouragement after her very bad week.

First, the Arizona Department of Insurance released information for next year’s Obamacare marketplace plans, and more Arizonans realized that Ann Kirkpatrick’s proudest vote was going to cost them even more while providing them less healthcare options.

Next, PoliFact called Ann Kirkpatrick out again for misleading Arizona voters by offering half-truths about Senator McCain.

Then Senator McCain announced that his campaign had $4.6 million cash on hand, just as Ann Kirkpatrick’s campaign was scaling down their TV buy this week by 30% while early ballots were hitting mailboxes.

Finally, while First Lady Michelle Obama was in town yesterday, she referred to Ann Kirkpatrick as “Ann Patrick,” making it obvious how much interest and support national Democrats have invested in this race.  As the Arizona Republic described the scene, “From the stage, Obama no doubt caused some Kirkpatrick supporters to cringe when she gave her a shout-out as ‘Ann Patrick.’”

“It’s been a bad week for ‘Ann Patrick,’ and an even worse week for Ann Kirkpatrick,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham.  “On the bright side, Ann Kirkpatrick only has another couple of bad weeks of the campaign to endure.”


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