AZGOP to Lobbyist Fred DuVal: One-Party Decision Making is Not Bipartisan | Arizona Republican Party

AZGOP to Lobbyist Fred DuVal: One-Party Decision Making is Not Bipartisan

AZGOP to Lobbyist Fred DuVal: One-Party Decision Making is Not Bipartisan

Democrat Fred DuVal Claims Bipartisan Motives, but Rejected Republican Effort to Reach out to Democrat

PHOENIX – Fred DuVal, the Arizona Democrats’ candidate for governor and special interest lobbyist, has built his career catering to his fellow Democrats as a Washington insider, only working with Republicans when it serves his needs.  DuVal has worked exclusively for Democrats, donated extensively to corrupt governors and even lobbied in dozens of states that were represented by Democratic governors.

“No matter what Fred DuVal says about working across the aisle, his background and experience paint a vastly different picture,” Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham said. “The truth of the matter is that Fred DuVal is a lifelong Democratic political insider who puts his party above all else – putting him completely out of touch with Arizona voters.”


DuVal Gets People Working Together. (Web Site, Fred 2014, Accessed 9/3/14)

DuVal Interested In Building A Future Together. (YouTube, DuVal Nomination Speech, Accessed 9/3/14)

DuVal Is A Problem Solver. (YouTube, DuVal Nomination Speech, Accessed 9/3/14)


Fred DuVal Reaching Across The Aisle? 

When Then-Governor Mike Huckabee Sent A Note To President Bill Clinton Requesting A National “Safe Television For All Ages” Day, DuVal Played Politics And Dismissed It. “Huckabee asked Clinton to declare a national ‘Safe Television for All Ages Day.’  DuVal jotted a note on the letter before forwarding it for response.  It said: ‘Huckabee hates BC (Bill Clinton) & is planning a Senate race against Lincoln.  He needs a quick, warm response.’” (“Clinton Aide Saw Ill Motive In 1999 Huckabee Note,” The Associated Press, 10/10/14)

This Is Hardly The First Time That DuVal Put Party First:

DuVal Has Donated Over $92,000 To Liberal Democrats Including: Raul Grijalva, Bill Richardson, Rod Blagojevich And Harry Reid.  “According to our records, you’ve donated almost one hundred thousand dollars of your personal money to liberal Democrats all around the country.” (Press Release, “Special Interest Lobbyist And Democrat Candidate For Governor Personally Gave Nearly $100,000 To Nation’s Most Liberal Democrats,” Arizona Republican Party, 9/3/14)

22 Of The 25 States DuVal Lobbied For UBS In Were Led By Democratic Governors. “Because of your involvement in the UBS ‘pay-for-play’ scandal in New Mexico, we know that you were paid $580,000 for lobbying work to influence Democrat Governors in more than 20 states regarding bond sales.” (Press Release, “Many Questions, Too Few Answers About Lobbyist Fred DuVal And His Undisclosed History,” Arizona Republican Party, 8/28/14)

DuVal Was Democratic Governors Association Treasurer. (Robert Pear, “Drug Industry, Having Long Smiled On G.O.P., Now Splits Donations Equally,” The New York Times, 10/14/08)

Bill Richardson Named Fred DuVal Director Of His PAC Si Se Puede. “That was two months after, Duval 54, was named as a director of Si Se Puede! Boston 2004 Inc., a committee Richardson formed to pay Democratic presidential convention expenses, filings with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service show.” (William Selway, “UBS Consultant Joined Richardson PAC Amid Bond Deals,” Bloomberg, 1/13/09)

DuVal Formed And Led The Liberal Think Tank Western Progress. (Web Site, Western Progress, Accessed 9/3/14)